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A New Measure of Child Vocal Reciprocity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
An article in the March 2018 issue of Autism Research by authors affiliated with Vanderbilt University and University of California reports on two studies conducted to test children's vocal development in the context of reciprocal exchanges with a partner who modeled "speech-like" productions. Two studies were conducted to test the utility of the new measure: one using simulated vocal samples and adult vocalizations to test the accuracy of the proposed index, and the other an empirical study of 21 children with ASD who were pre-verbal or in the early stages of language development. (abstract available at no cost, full text access available with a fee)

From Child Autistic Symptoms to Parental Affective Symptoms: A Family Process Model
An article in the April 2018 (Volume 75) of Research in Developmental Disabilities by authors affiliated with the Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, and Society for the Welfare of Autistic Persons, report on cross-sectional questionnaire data collected from 375 parents of children with ASD residing in Hong Kong, China. The analysis revealed potential pathways through which child autism symptomatology may adversely affect parental mental health. (abstract available at no cost, full text access available with a fee)

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AAIDD Launches New Diagnostic Tool
The long-awaited Diagnostic Adaptive Behavior Scale™ (DABS) is now available. The DABS is an instrument for assessing the adaptive behavior of people between the ages of 4 and 21 for the purpose of diagnosing intellectual disability (ID). It has a number of unique features that support its precision, accuracy, validity, and credibility. AAIDD has also made available an online scoring platform for the DABS, available at, where each test can be scored for a nominal fee. A complimentary, single-use voucher code for the scoring platform is included with the purchase of each manual.

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